How to Keep Your Belongings Safe During a Move

Do you have a strategy in place to keep your belongings secure throughout your forthcoming move? You may not need to worry about getting all of the goods yourself if you’ve hired a moving crew that will also be packing your items. You’ll need everything from moving boxes to packing peanuts, bubble wrap to additional padding if you want to do all of the packing yourself. What are the greatest ways to keep your belongings secure during the relocation, other from having the right supplies?

Tips on how to keep your stuff secure while moving

Take a look around.

Take inventory of your stuff before you begin any relocation activities. Determine what you deem precious, as well as what items are valuable beyond sentimental value that may attract sticky fingers. Then think out where you’ll put them throughout the move. Take photos of your belongings when you take inventory right before moving day to prove that they were present that day in case they are missing, stolen, or broken.

Place in a safe deposit box.

Important papers, valuable jewellery, and other cherished treasures can be stored in a safety deposit box if you don’t need rapid access. Your bank will store your belongings for a fee and keep them secure until you’ve moved into your new home. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t keep cash or anything else that you’ll need right away for identification.

Using plastic storage containers

You might want to consider using plastic moving boxes instead of cardboard boxes for your forthcoming move. These are a more robust, stackable solution for moving boxes that will save you money, time, and your things.

These will assist you in avoiding the crushing of objects that can occur when using cardboard boxes. Fill the box to the brim, then utilise smaller boxes for heavy objects such as books. These can be rented and then returned to the moving company once the relocation is completed.

Keep as much as possible.

Consider storing small but essential items in a safe deposit box or self-storage unit until you’ve settled into your new home. Important documents and sentimental jewellery that would be heartbreaking to lose can be safely stored, reducing your stress on moving day. Alternatively, you could entrust those items to a trusted family member or friend.

Purchase moving insurance.

To find out what your policy covers during a move, contact your home insurance agent. If you’re transporting particularly valuable items, consider purchasing additional insurance. Many moving companies provide insurance as well. Take the time to look into what’s available so that you’re covered in case something goes wrong.

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